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Modern storage choices will help you manage the changing role of data in any organization. Explore the complimentary resources below and get on a path to sensible storage.

The Storage Showdown—Bring

New storage technology can help you effectively leverage your data explosion and quickly turn it into a competitive advantage. The bottom line—it’s time for a storage refresh. This issue of Connection features the smart solutions and technologies you should consider to modernize, protect, and optimize your data storage. Read on to discover if flash specs are too flashy, the secrets behind SSDs, and more.


How to Redefine the Role of Storage to Your Advantage

Organizations today face the daunting challenge of managing, securing, and extracting business value from an ever-growing mountain of data. How can IT departments keep pace with business needs while operating within a realistic budget? This edition of Connect with Experts looks at smarter storage, modernization, data protection, and storage optimization strategies to support the changing role of data in business. Learn about the latest technologies—hybrid flash, all-flash arrays, and cloud storage integration—to create a lasting solution.


Think age matters? Check the age of your servers...

Chances are you have several servers—applications, storage, email—and many are assigned to many tasks. And there’s the problem. Upgrades are a continuous process. And with the economic challenges facing organizations, many have adopted the motto "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." That means in the dark confines of your server closet, sitting on a long-ago forgotten rack, a chunky old server from 1999 might be chugging away and costing you big. It’s probably time to refresh your data center.

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