What You Need to Know About the Big Changes to vSphere and vSOM

VMware has announced the End of Availability ("EoA") effective June 30, 2016 for all versions of:

  • vSphere Enterprise
  • vSphere with Operations Management Standard
  • vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise

What happens to my licenses?

You have multiple options:

  1. Purchase any vSphere Enterprise, vSphere with Operations Management Standard, or vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise through June 30th, 2016
    with no changes.
  2. Buy vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSOM Enterprise Plus instead. Existing vSphere Enterprise customers and vSphere Enterprise Plus Customers qualify for a 50% off upgrade. Offer is through July 29, 2017.
    • vSphere Enterprise Plus offers Cross vCenter vMotion or Long Distance vMotion, Storage DRS, distributed switch, host profiles, and NVIDIA GRID vGPU.
    • vSOM Enterprise Plus offers the same features for Enterprise Plus and vRealize Operations Manager Standard and Intelligent Workload Placement
  • vSOM Standard customers will need to purchase vSphere Standard and vRealize Operations Standard 25 instance pack.

    Any other price changes for vSphere?

    vSOM Enterprise Plus is increasing by $150 per CPU.

    Will VMware still support my licenses if I do nothing?

    VMware will support customers with active support (continuing support renewals) through March 2020.

    What do I have? What does this mean for my environment? What if I don't buy now?

    Call a Connection Account Manager today so that we can assist you with these questions and more!