vCenter Lab Manager


Optimize Your Development and Test Lab Infrastructure

Streamline development and test lab infrastructure and operations through Virtual Lab Automation. With VMware Lab Manager, VMware’s Virtual Lab Automation system, IT can leverage VMware Infrastructure to achieve significant cost savings and operational benefits by pooling servers, networking, storage and other resources that can be shared across development and test teams. Provision complex multi-machine configurations in seconds, rather than days. Provide on-demand access to a shared library of complex system environments, giving your developers and testers instant use of the resources they need, while leaving IT in administrative control.


Capture and Reproduce Software Defects—Every Time
Enable developers and testers to quickly reproduce software defects and resolve them earlier in the software lifecycle—and ensure higher quality software and systems. VMware Lab Manager enables “closed loop” defect reporting and resolution through its unique ability to “snapshot” complex multi-machine configurations in an error state, capture them to the library, and make them available for sharing—and troubleshooting—across development and test teams.


Integrate with Leading Test Management Tools
Enable users to access VMware Lab Manager seamlessly from within their preferred test management tools. Off-the-shelf integrations with Borland SilkCentral Test Manager and HP Quality Center allow users simply to select the desired multi-tier configuration and Lab Manager will do the rest — automatically provision the test environment, tear down the environment after a test is run, and capture the state of the application, test date and virtual machine configuration in the event of a failed test.


Change the Way You Manage the Lab
By automating the development and test lab with VMware Lab Manager, you can cut capital and operating costs even while enabling the AD team to accelerate and improve their development and test processes. Automate low-level, time-consuming tasks so you can focus your IT staff on higher value activities.


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