VMware End User Computing

VMware End User Computing

Virtualization and Cloud Are Here to Stay

The latest technologies, combined with proper services, are proven to streamline IT operations. VMware offers comprehensive solutions to virtualize computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices. The result? Organizations become more agile, responsive, and profitable. Let us help you start your journey.

Watch Now: How to Drive Costs and Complexity Out for Good

Data Center Excellence Through VMware End User Computing (EUC)

Together VMware and the experts at Connection unveil new ways to use technology to liberate your data center so you can reinvest time and budget back into your organization. Watch this video to explore the purpose and definition of EUC, as well as the tactics, education, and resources you need to succeed with this exciting technology.

VMware's New Approach To VMware End User Computing (EUC)

Organizations can tap into a new model for end-user computing that enables seamless movement from desktop, to notebook, to tablet, to phone, even a car. Applications, content, and devices that are online anywhere, anyplace, anytime make mobility more possible than ever. Join Sam Tessier our VMware Technical Partner Manager as he explores VMware's new approach to VMware End User Computing (vEUC) and how it addresses the changing world of IT while easing the challenges of rising complexity, security concerns, and increasing costs.

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  • VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) Highlights: Get up to speed on VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN), this new software-defined storage tier for VMware vSphere environments has great promise. vSAN clusters server disks and flash to create radically simple, high performance, resilient shared storage designed for virtual machines.

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