Scale Computing

Scale Computing

Hyperconvergence the Right Way

Scale Computing is changing the way businesses think about IT infrastructure. HC3® systems from Scale Computing allow organizations to do more with fewer resources and lower costs. By combining storage, compute, virtualization, and disaster recovery into a single appliance-based solution, Scale Computing has created hyperconverged infrastructure that is accessible for any organization. Whether you require a full data center, a server closet, or edge computing for remote offices, HC3 systems can meet nearly any computing need.
Scale Computing - Hyperconvergence the Right Way

Simple. Available. Scalable.

Every organization requires computing that is highly available and scalable, but in the past that has always been complex. With Scale Computing, HC3 makes it easy. High availability is automatic with three or more nodes in a cluster. It is even easy to deploy. A 3-node cluster can be deployed in under an hour while running VMs. Adding more nodes for scale-out is just as easy, and storage configuration is all automatic too. If a 3-node cluster is too much for a particular use case, a single appliance can be deployed with the replication protection for remote availability.

Lower the Cost of Infrastructure

Scale Computing can help organizations lower costs because the HC3 system automates most tasks taking up an IT administrator's time. For example, HC3 fully automates hardware and software updates—moving VMs between nodes as needed without taking them offline to update hardware and software simultaneously. You don’t even know an update is taking place, except when initiating the process. Compare this to spending entire weekends moving VMs and taking systems offline manually to apply updates separately to hardware, storage, and hypervisors. HC3 reduces costs by reducing the time administrators need to manage it.

Reduce and Manage Risks

IT infrastructure is the backbone of business operations. If IT services go down, business operations can grind to a halt. With complex solutions, there is more risk of failure, especially when combining components from multiple vendors. Complexity increases the risk of greater costs when higher levels of expertise are needed to implement, manage, and maintain the solution. HC3 is a single-vendor solution that is highly reliable and easy to maintain. With only one support number, issues get resolved quickly and efficiently.

Disaster Planning

HC3 includes disaster recovery for backup, failover, failback, and recovery. A disaster recovery site can consist of a highly available cluster, a single node appliance, or the cloud. HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS is a service that replicates VMs onto a Google Cloud Platform. Replicated VMs can be used for failover and recovery to reconnect to workloads quickly. HC3 provides all the tools you need to create an effective and reliable disaster recovery strategy.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure

Develop a strategy to transform your infrastructure. We can help you increase scalability, lower costs, and kick up performance. Contact us today.