Why Plantronics?

Plantronics creates intelligent and adaptive solutions that support your most important needs: simple and clear communications in a distraction-free environment. From unified communications and customer service ecosystems to data analytics and Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics delivers high-quality communications solutions you can count on.
Why Plantronics?


Make Collaboration Seamless

Empower your mobile-first employees to work the way they want, seamlessly. Plantronics Elara 60 Series turns a smartphone into a desktop collaboration experience. Multiple headset, speakerphone, and handset options deliver a desk-phone experience that is tailored to personal preferences. No-time, no-cost deployment enables simplicity and freedom across the organization.
  • Multi-coil charging options ensure mobile phones are always charged
  • Works with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Cortana
  • Supports advanced headset features such as smart sensors, dynamic mute alert, Hi-Fi stereo sound, and active noise cancellation*
  • Use Plantronics Elara 60 Series Companion app to customize settings and update firmware
  • Simplified deployment with no need for service provisioning or extra wires
Plantronics Elara 60 Series

Immerse Yourself in Rich Audio

Hear music and conversations with complete clarity. All tones, from high to low and everything in between, sound full and natural. Need to tune out distractions? The hi-fi stereo sound and dual-mode active noise canceling cut background noise, while the boomless dual-paired microphones keep the focus on your voice.

Solutions for Every Work Style

Plantronics devices are designed with the professional in mind.
Office Worker Headsets
Whether your office is quiet and traditional or a beehive of activity, Plantronics solutions help you be at your best.
Mobile Worker Headsets
Plantronics devices are designed with the mobile professional in mind, enabling rich audio connections no matter where you touch down.
Virtual Worker Headsets
Work where you want but sound like you’re in the room. Plantronics lets you integrate your preferred technology without compromise.

Big Sound for Small Group Conference Rooms

Designed for 4- to 6-person conference rooms, Calisto 7200 makes sure everyone on the call is heard with crystal clarity. 360˚ room coverage with echo cancellation ensures disruption-free collaboration.

Bring Your Office Anywhere with Microsoft Surface Pro LTE and Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Buy together and get your work done easier and faster. Microsoft Surface Pro LTE and Plantronics wireless headsets provide powerful and portable work solutions to help you communicate efficiently with your phone and Skype.
Bring Your Office Anywhere with Microsoft Surface Pro LTE and Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Unified Communications and Collaboration

You and your work should be heard from everywhere, on every device.

Contact Center and Customer Service

Explore how you can provide a better customer experience.

Make Your Office Work

Inspire the workforce of today with living, breathing, intelligent soundscapes.
  • Be Wireless: Get wireless solutions with superior sound, style, and comfort.
  • Tune Into Work, Tune Out Noise: Stay focused in noisy office environments.
  • Move Around Freely: Enable rich audio connections, no matter where you touch down.
Make Your Office Work

Dial Up Your Focus

So much of the way we communicate lies in what’s not being said. Plantronics makes it possible to share your thoughts like you’re there—from anywhere. Ready to get your ideas across loud and clear—or just want to learn more? Fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch to help you design a modern collaboration solution that makes meetings more productive than ever.
*Features vary by Plantronics headset model.