From elementary to colleges, a top priority for school boards, educators, and IT leaders is to develop personalized learning environments, where individuals and their specific learning needs are fully supported.

As pedagogy undergoes change through wider adoption of technology, so too will the way IT is deployed to support lessons. Downtime of the wired and wireless network can stop a lesson dead in its tracks. Outages and inconsistent service are no longer acceptable, and educational IT services are increasingly being labelled as mission critical. As such, tomorrow's digital classroom mandates that connections be supported by resilient, scalable networks that are adaptable to change.

The NETGEAR Vision of the K–12 Personalized Learning Challenge

The ultimate goal for K–12 is to realize an IT ecosystem where technology is leveraged throughout the entire education process, the curriculum, and the weekly timetable.

With thousands of K–12 customers around the world, NETGEAR brings intuitive solutions and choice to help address the different needs of daycare centers, elementary schools (or primary schools), high schools, colleges, and universities.


Supporting BYOD and Mobile Connectivity through E-Rate Just Means Adding Wireless, Right?

E-Rate funding captures multiple product technologies for a good reason. Just as category one is about 'connecting to the outside' world, category two is about making the most of 'connecting to the inside' world.

The NETGEAR approach considers the impact of changing needs across the network. Faster devices, more apps, increased user connections, and online collaboration are all demanding more bandwidth. New trends, including 'flipped classrooms', are changing how students learn, share, and work with technology inside and outside the class. Reliable, performance-based connections involve more than just the wireless network. That’s NETGEAR’s vision of the K–12 'personalized learning' challenge.

The Impact of Wireless on the Overall Network

When looking at the IT network as a whole, it’s fair to say the wireless network is under more pressure to perform. Its primary role to interconnect mobile devices with users—and prioritize as well as route traffic securely both internally and externally—is increasingly considered mission critical.


Exploring Affordable and "Best Fit" Managed Wi-Fi and Networking Infrastructure

NETGEAR Wireless solutions span multiple deployment options for all education-specific applications:

  • Kindergarten/Elementary
  • Junior/High Schools
  • High Schools/Colleges
  • Cloud Wireless Management

FREE Site Surveys: The Right Design, Designed Right

IT decision makers face unique challenges, such as extensive grounds, multiple buildings, and numerous users. With the BYOD trend growing increasingly popular, it’s more important to have a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure in place. Can your network support these issues?

Partnering with NETGEAR, we offer a FREE, no obligation remote wireless site survey, for institutions looking to solve network issues or infrastructure bottlenecks.

Using pre-qualified questions, we can quickly and easily identify opportunities for a no-obligation, zero-cost site survey that includes a summary of your needs, a recommended Bill of Materials, and design considerations.

An experienced pre-sales engineer will conduct the survey, which will:

  • Detect, measure, and record the presence of interference from other radio frequency devices
  • Measure or calculate the expected data rates in the deployed areas
  • Recommend the location of access points, antennas, and other wireless devices
  • Check for wave reflection, hidden nodes, and dead spots
  • Support industry standards for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n networks

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