Windows XP Migration

Windows XP reached its final end-of-life on April 8, 2014. If your organization is still on Microsoft XP, you will no longer receive Service Packs, security patches, and support. It's time to break up with XP. Click here to craft your exit strategy.

XP Migration Breakdown: Pros and Cons of Windows 7, Hybrid, and Windows 8.

Take a few minutes to use our Migration Assistant Tool. In just a few steps, you’ll receive a recommended OS strategy based on the needs of your organization. And, use the Windows 8 Device Assessment to navigate the maze of device offerings to a short list that meets your requirements. 

Help Starts Here: Windows XP Migration Assistant Tool
You know the challenge of planning, deploying, and maintaining a migration to a new Windows platform. To get you started, our experts have developed a tool to help identify the best OS strategy based on your hardware needs. And then learn which
PC Connection services can ensure deployment in time.

XP Migration Tool

Windows 8 Hardware: Finding the Best Fit
With so many devices touting different specs, choosing the right set can be overwhelming. Our team has pre-selected some devices based upon their features, functionalities, and price to speed your evaluation process. Tell us how much you travel, what mobility must-haves are on your list, and we will steer you through the maze of choices.

Windows 8 Device Assessment

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