Microsoft SQL Server 2016

As the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s data platform history, SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission critical performance, deeper insights across any data on many devices, and enables the power of hyperscale cloud to unlock new hybrid scenarios.

Get the Most Out of SQL

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 went end-of-life on April 12th, 2016. This means there are no more security updates or hot fixes available, leading to a potential security risk for your organization. Watch our video and learn how our experts can help you assess your current environment and determine the best migration path to ensure a secure, robust, and scalable SQL environment.

Mission Critical Performance

  • Insights on operational data, works with in-memory OLTP or on disk
  • Support for greater T-SQL surface area, TBs of memory, and more parallel CPUs
  • Monitor and optimize query plans with full history of query execution
  • Parsing and storing of JSON as relational data and exporting relational data to JSON
  • Track historical changes

Deeper Insights Across Data

  • Manage relational and non-relational data with the simplicity of T-SQL
  • Pull data from countless sources into data models and reports
  • Designer support for previous SSIS versions and support for Power Query

Hyperscale Cloud

  • Stretch operational tables in a secure manner into Azure for cost effective historic data availability
  • Works with Always Encrypted and Row Level Security
  • New interactive query with Analysis
  • Azure Data Factory integration with SSIS, package lineage and impact analysis as well as connect SSIS to cloud data source
  • Faster restore and a reduction in storage, support larger DBs with Block blobs, and custom backup schedule with local staging

Questions, please contact an Account Manager at 1.800.800.0014.