Windows Server 2003 Assessment

Simplify Your Upgrade Strategy

Welcome to our Windows Server EOS Assessment! With the end-of-support date for Windows Server 2003 having come and gone, there’s never been a better time—or easier way—to plan your data center transformation.

Our experts have designed this helpful tool to get you started on the right upgrade path for your unique environment, applications, and workloads. Use the fields below to select your current workloads and usage requirements for your existing servers. Based on your selections, our team of Microsoft experts will be able to help you create a migration strategy that optimizes performance and maximizes value for your business. Watch this podcast, featuring expert Lane Shelton. Learn how to use this tool as a starting point to transform your data center, and more about the three distinct zones you might consider: "Upgrade", "Hybrid", and "Cloud". Still have questions? Drop us a line.