LG Digital Signage

LG Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage has a myriad of applications in the public sector. From safety and security notices in public transportation hubs, to emergency broadcast tools in schools and public buildings, there’s a use case for digital signage nearly everywhere. Since digital signage is easily updated, it's one of the most effective solutions for getting information to the right people.

LG OLED Display

LG Digital Signage

LG's extensive line of digital signage is designed to maximize content quality and effect. There’s no better way to deliver your messages. From announcements to menus, special bulletins, and directions, LG digital signage can display it all by offering:

  • High Brightness
  • Brilliant Resolution
  • Interactive Touch Technology
  • Resistance to Image Burn-In

LG also offers OLED monitors, video walls, touchscreen displays, information kiosks, outdoor displays, and more to suit your organization’s individual needs.

LG Commercial-Grade TVs

Designed to make your space more engaging and informative, LG’s commercial-grade LED displays boast clean lines, HD resolution, and simple-to-use features created specifically for a public environment. With fast, easy USB cloning, special settings to prevent misuse, and a customizable welcome screen, LG’s displays are easy to manage and maintain.

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