Protect Their Privacy


Physicians want to provide the best possible care, and it all begins with trust. Patients are looking for maximum peace of mind as their medical histories transition to EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

    Why Lenovo for Healthcare?
  • As the world's largest computer maker, we have hundreds of awards and millions of sales that testify to Lenovo's product leadership
  • Lenovo has a proven record of assisting medical practices in providing world-class care while streamlining office workflow
  • Our ThinkPad and ThinkCentre brands offer leading product features and durable ergonomic design, ideally suited for healthcare computing
  • Cost-saving solutions such as ThinkVantage® reduce cost and increase profitability for your practice
  • Award-winning services such as ThinkPlus® cover all aspects of a Lenovo product cycle

    Lenovo Security Features
  • Encrypted drives
  • Integrated fingerprint reader with authentication to BIOS
  • Intel® Anti-Theft (AT) Technology
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Hardware password manager
  • BIOS port locking
  • CompuTrace by Absolute in BIOS
  • Client Security Solution—protects secure data and records
  • Secure Data Disposal™—safely and securely delete files


Protect Their Privacy