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The Evolution of IT Infrastructure

As organizations continue to look for ways to handle growing demands on the technology infrastructure, the limitations of traditional hardware-defined infrastructures create pain points that cannot be resolved with traditional thinking. With software-defined storage (SDS) moving into the servers, new thinking and new architectural approaches are possible. The fusion of SDS and server virtualization enables hyperconvergence, moving Lenovo customers a giant leap toward a completely software-defined future.

Lenovo - Evolution of the IT Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is the next natural step in the evolution of the data center. Complex IT infrastructures are shifting away from familiar hardware-defined systems toward the new software-defined reality. Proprietary SAN-attached storage systems will slowly disappear from most environments and be replaced by more efficient, modular hyperconverged building blocks.

Redefine Your Data Center

Watch our video to learn more about Lenovo and Connection's commitment to hyperconverged infrastructure, software defined storage, and the continued evolution of IT infrastructure.

Reducing Complexity to Lower Costs

According to the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), about 60% of data center CAPEX and OPEX is spent on SANs and SAN-attached storage. Hyperconvergence potentially eliminates all of these costs. By converging storage, storage management, and the SAN at the hypervisor level and placing the SDS stack adjacent to the workloads, hyperconvergence reduces IT complexity, increases application performance, and delivers a dramatically more adaptive infrastructure. Storage-intensive applications become easier to deploy, manage, and scale than on traditional systems. This in turn reduces capital and operating costs—a critical consideration at a time when data is growing far faster than budgets.

Faster to Deploy

In a hyperconverged architecture, compute, storage, networking, and I/O functions are all collapsed into a single, software-defined infrastructure that can be deployed or scaled in a fraction of the time required for conventional hardware-defined, discrete elements. By eliminating purpose-built or monolithic storage hardware and SAN switches, IT has far fewer physical elements to purchase and deploy and can do the job much more quickly.

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