Server virtualization is changing the way IT organizations operate. And Intel® server processors are extending the benefits of software virtualization far beyond consolidation to increase data center flexibility, productivity, and TCO. Intel® server processors with virtualization built in, such as the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series, the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series, and the Intel® Itanium® processor 9300 series, deliver these benefits.

To help you get the most out of virtualization, Intel has built a better physical server platform with unique hardware-assist features. These hardware-assist features accelerate fundamental virtualization processes throughout the platform to reduce latencies and avoid potential bottlenecks, giving you better value from your server and software investments.

Because Intel server processors let you do more with less, you can realize energy efficiency and reduce server sprawl. And with remote management features, the ease of failover, and seamless live migrations, you can keep both you and your users happy with reduced support costs and increased uptime levels.

Migrate applications across generations

One of the most exciting capabilities is the ability to migrate live applications across server nodes and even across local or wide area networks. This capability gives you unprecedented flexibility in resource management while reducing downtime and simplifying disaster recovery. Intel® Virtualization Technology FlexMigration (Intel® VT FlexMigration) also allows you to combine multiple generations into the same virtualized server pool to extend failover, load balancing, and disaster recovery capability, letting you get the most value out of your existing investment.

With benefits in productivity, utilization, energy savings, manageability, and service levels, Intel server processors are a compelling investment both for your IT organization and for your business as a whole.