Energy Efficient Performance

Step up to Intel's best technology for business desktops

Intel® vPro™ processor technology with the new Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor inside delivers uncompromised dual-core performance when running multiple applications. Increased energy efficiency enables lower power costs, quieter operation, and it's designed to run 64-bit operating systems and applications.

An excellent foundation for Windows Vista—Intel® vPro™ processor technology

Power additional Windows Vista background security features like Microsoft Defender, while still getting great performance. And experience improved graphics performance and support for Aero 3D-desktop, Windows Vista's latest graphics interface, with the Intel® PM/GM965 Express chipset.

Ready for the next generation business experience? Intel® vPro™ processor technology is

Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista capable; it includes support for 64-bit applications and the software of tomorrow. Meanwhile, it runs existing 32-bit applications with increased performance.

When your business needs to respond, your PCs will be responsive

Powered by Intel® dual-core processing, Intel® vPro™ processor technology delivers improved performance for today's multitasking environment. Run multiple applications and get more done faster, even with security and management tasks running in the background. And do it all with cost-efficient, reduced power consumption.