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Change the Way You Fight Threats

McAfee is changing the way you fight threats with Endpoint Protection Suites that defend against all five threat vectors—system, email, Web, data, and network. Get high-performing endpoint protection for businesses of all sizes.

How Does McAfee Endpoint Security Work?

This is what happens when you download a malicious file from the Web.


Today’s Advanced Attacks Require More than Traditional Anti-virus Defenses

Security threats are constantly evolving, and schools need a comprehensive solution that protects and prevents. McAfee® Endpoint Security provides your school with a collaborative framework that enables endpoint defenses to be adaptive and intelligent, leveraging observations from multiple sources to detect and inform each other in real time and halt emerging forms of attacks.

Effective security models must work in the new reality of determining access privileges to secure content from any device, by any user, at any time, from any location, based on multiple attributes that build a more complete picture of the context of the user and the request. Models must also detect and correct evolving threats, from common malware to ransomware, zero-day exploits, and advanced campaigns that use sophisticated planning and technical tools.

McAfee Endpoint Security is smarter, designed for performance and is more modular to allow for easier management and scalability.

McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection

Get endpoint security that is transparent to users and efficient for IT. Safeguard all devices in use at your school with virus protection, Web security, anti-spam, desktop and laptop firewall, and security for cloud storage.

McAfee Active Response

Find and respond to advanced threats. McAfee Active Response is an endpoint threat detection and response tool that expands visibility into your endpoints so you can quickly identify security breaches and threats. It simplifies remote investigations and enables incident response teams to focus on the most significant security activities.

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