Help secure your prescriptions with a fully compliant, easy-to-deploy solution that offers rapid ROI.

Prescription fraud is costly on many fronts. Unfortunately, the solutions designed to prevent this fraud can be costly too. To meet Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS) requirements for tamper-resistant prescriptions, many providers use pre-printed security pads or dedicated printers and pre-printed security paper. But these pre-printed solutions are expensive and create cumbersome workflows. A less expensive, more practical solution is needed to secure prescriptions.

Solution at a glance

The HP and TROY SecureRx Printing Solution offers a practical, cost-conscious alternative to preprinted solutions. Powered by the reliable LaserJet 3015 All-in-One and HP LaserJet M600 family of printers, the solution is easy to deploy, intuitive to use, and offers a rapid return on your investment.


Of course, full CMS compliance for tamper-resistant prescriptions is critical. HP and TROY SecureRx Printing Solution features map directly to CMS requirements:

Printed copy-void pantograph

  • The primary copy-evident feature is a special pattern printed in the background of the prescription. When photocopied, this pattern reveals the word “COPY” repeated multiple times across the prescription and can be viewed with an unaided eye.

Customizable micro-print font

  • A secondary copy-evident feature is a customizable text message printed around the border of the prescription in a 0.6 font. When copied, the micro-print is degraded to a solid line or unreadable characters. The micro-print can be authenticated under magnification with a simple 5 x loupe.

Variable print

  • This anti-alteration feature displays user-selected prescription print data stream information (such as patient name, drug and dosage) in repeating diagonal patterns across the prescription which can also be viewed with an unaided eye.

Security features description

  • The anti-counterfeiting feature is a warning box printed on the prescription that describes the security features that should be present on a valid original

Electronic medical record system (EMRS)-generated features

  • Any special characters designed to help prevent erasure or modifications are printed on the front of the prescription as well as in the variable print feature.

How do you get started?

Contact your Connection account manager to:
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  • Establish a plan to implement the best solution for today and into the future.
  • Identify an environmental approach that can help your organization save money.

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