It's not just a printer they want to hack. It's your business.

Protect, Detect, Recover

The latest generation of Hewlett Packard enterprise-class printing devices offer three key technologies that work together to thwart attacks and heal your printer.

  • HP Sure Start
  • Whitelisting
  • Runtime Intrusion Detection

In the event of an attack or anomaly, these features automatically trigger a reboot. After a reboot occurs, HP JetAdvantage Security Manager automatically assesses and, if necessary, remediates device security settings to comply with pre-established company policies. This means there’s no need for IT to intervene.

For Your Eyes Only

Hackers can siphon confidential data—and more—through an unsecured print network. Get a free printer security evaluation from Connection and learn how we can help you secure your print environment with HP.

Simply use the form on the page or call an Account Manager at 1.800.800.0014.



How does it work? HP JetAdvantage Security Manager completes the check cycle.

Can They See What You Print?

When it comes to security risks, your printers may not always be top of mind. But just like any other network endpoint, they can be exposed and misused if you fail to take proper security precautions.

Watch to learn how printers may be one of your biggest security risks, and what can happen if hackers are able to exploit them.