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The Elite series is a unique combination of durability, reliability, security and efficiency. And it’s been designed with only one goal—to perform remarkably in tough conditions. HP has always been a leader in cutting-edge computer technology. Now, with new Intel® architecture, HP has taken processing power to the next level by combining it with unprecedented toughness and durability.

Innovations in HP’s new EliteBook PCs ensure performance, security, and exceptional durability. Listen to this ConnectionPoint podcast, as we speak with Jason Davis, U.S. SMB Product Manager for HP Business Notebooks, to review HP’s new EliteBook PCs. He outlines innovations that specifically relate to physical durability and information security, while giving us an inside look at HP’s rigorous testing process. Listen and learn about the features that make HP notebooks easy to manage, secure, and very durable.

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Raising the Bar on Mobile Computing

Designed to be the most robust PCs that HP has ever created, the Elite Series has raised the bar on mobile computing. Read this case study detailing Bentley University’s deployment of HP’s Elite Notebook PCs to student and faculty, citing their choice of business-rugged PCs to meet the demands of their environment.


"The business-rugged features of the HP EliteBook Notebook PCs ensure they stay in the students' hands rather than in the university's repair facility. We always look for a product in the business line for ruggedness and durability."

Dan Sheehan, Director of Client Services for Bently University


HP Innovations Keep Up with Your Demands

Built to take it. Inside and out.

HP Elite PCs are built with design innovation and protection in mind.

Reliable. Durable. Efficient.

The HP Total Test Process demands these computers perform at tempera¬tures that range from -20° F to 140° F, as well as drops, shocks, pounds and shakes for more than 100,000 hours. It might be overkill, but it makes for one seriously high caliber computer.

Extended battery life up to 32 hours

A properly configured HP EliteBook 8460p with HP Ultra Extended Life Notebook Battery can be configured for up to 32 hours of battery life.

HP DuraCase Means Greater Protection

Inspired by aircraft engineering, HP EliteBook Notebook PCs with HP DuraCase have display enclosures comprised of an outer layer of bead blasted aluminum, bonded to a magnesium inner shell for strength and stiffness. Exteriors are further reinforced by magnesium alloy bottom cases, which are 18x times stronger than plastic cases.

Built to Protect

HP has been a pioneer in PC security. That’s why there’s a whole portfolio of built-in security technologies in every HP Elite PC called HP ProtectTools, and they’re dedicated to optimizing IT security. By encrypting hard drives, permanently deleting unwanted data and restricting unauthorized access, the HP Elite PCs let the user decide who gets in.

Smart card keyboards, power-on and drive-lock passwords, even facial recognition all mean that HP Elite PCs deal only with its authorized user. And with one of the most secure encryption standards in the industry—the embedded Trusted Platform Module—users rest easy knowing their data, e-mail and user credentials are protected.

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