You're dedicated to delivering the best patient care possible. And for more than three decades, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has delivered technology to assist you. Today, their alliance with leading healthcare solution developers yields innovative applications and devices that advance patient care, protect privacy, and optimize patient workflow.


26316_Servers_image When it comes to patient health, immediate access to health records and medical information is mandatory—especially in critical situations. Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers provide the speed, reliability, and security that healthcare organizations require.
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26316_Storage_image While electronic health records mean fewer file cabinet purchases, you still need storage. Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a wide range of solutions, including tape-based storage, disk-based backup systems, disk arrays and enclosures, network attached storage systems, storage networking, and storage blades.
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26316_Networking_image Hewlett Packard Enterprise networking solutions are designed to help healthcare organizations rapidly deploy new services and enhance user connectivity and productivity. These best-in-class networking solutions help enable IT agility, business continuity, and improved service delivery to patients and staff.
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