CloudSystem Matrix


Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem Matrix is the industry’s first Converged Infrastructure platform delivering the benefits of shared services today. With its application-centric design it provides the ideal foundation of a Private Cloud environment. It provisions complex infrastructure and applications in minutes instead of months, reduces total cost of ownership up to 56%(*) versus traditional infrastructure and reduces application provisioning time by 80% (**).

Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem Matrix is designed to simplify the deployment of applications and business services by delivering IT capacity through pools of readily deployed resources. The goal of Matrix operating environment is to accelerate provisioning, optimize IT capacity across physical and virtual environments and to ensure predictable delivery and service levels. It includes an integrated service designer, self-service portal, auto-provisioning capabilities, the tools to manage and optimize the resources pools as well as a recovery management solution. Through included Cloud APIs it can be easily customized to meet specific requirements enabling chargeback and billing, approval process integration, as well as other process automation capabilities.

And now you also have an upgrade path for future Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem purchases as your needs grow all while protecting the Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem investment you've already made. To get started right away, just ask us for an initial assessment. These Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem Matrix Conversion Services provide a cost-effective way to start realizing the benefits of shared services and a private cloud today.

BladeSystem Matrix includes proven Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem technologies such as Virtual Connect, Insight management software, and standard ProLiant and Integrity blade servers with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services for streamlined implementation and support and builds on shared storage SAN such as Fibre Channel SAN .

Ideal for...

  • Dynamic provisioning from test and development to production
  • Faster time to business value by provisioning services within minutes instead of months Improve utilization by enabling users to check out and return resources from a central pool Streamline test and development processes by easily converting servers from virtual to physical and back

Ongoing optimization and consolidation with energy awareness

  • Unified tools to freely move and balance workloads across physical and virtual servers
  • Built-in capacity planning for all servers, giving best-fit advice for utilization of capacity
  • Accelerate and standardize your process for migration from rack servers to blades

Fast and efficient disaster recovery

  • Failover physical and virtual servers in minutes
  • Improve disaster recovery time by 80% or more
  • Integrated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Serviceguard for Matrix with Hewlett Packard Enterprise-UX

Implementing a private cloud with a shared services model

  • Use Cloud Maps and the service designer to build a service catalog
  • Use the self-service portal and scheduling resources when needed
  • Manage and optimize the resource pool usage

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(*) Hewlett Packard Enterprise White Paper: The business case for Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem Matrix, based on data from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise BladeSystem and BladeSystem Matrix TCO Calculator
(**) IDC White Paper: The Business Value of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Service Automation (BSA) Solutions