HP 3Par Storage Utility


HP 3PAR Utility Storage offers unique benefits for cloud computing deployments that make any organization more agile and efficient and deliver a level of security that many traditional storage solutions simply can't match. Whether you're a large enterprise looking to build a private cloud, a hosting provider looking to improve your time to revenue, or a medium-sized business looking to reduce CAPEX, there is a cloud computing solution powered by 3PAR technology purpose-built for your specific needs.

With 3PAR as the storage foundation for your cloud services, you will:

  • Create value-added, high margin services.
  • Improve time to revenue.
  • Assure service levels.
  • Manage unpredictable growth.
  • Reduce capacity requirements.
  • Enable data security and compliance.

3Par Storage Benefits – Right for All Enterprises

Green storage:
IDC estimates that in today's data centers, storage accounts for 37% of the total energy consumed. This is why, as you look at ways to reduce energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint, data storage should be at the top of your list. HP 3PAR Storage Systems are designed to be more efficient, period. Sure it's good to recycle, but the best approach is still to reduce. In fact, over the years, customers have completely eliminated the purchase of more than 40 Petabytes of capacity by choosing HP 3PAR Utility Storage. Based on a typical storage lifespan of five years, this adds up to nearly $42 million in energy savings or nearly 615,000 fewer barrels of oil.

Managed Storage:
The simplest, most unified management console in the industry, giving you to the ability to configure and manage all of your HP 3PAR Storage Systems from a single window—including remote systems used for disaster recovery, which can be set up and tested in minutes, even when using multi-site replication.

Thin Storage:
What hypervisors do for server utilization, thin technologies can do for storage capacity utilization. The HP 3PAR Gen3 ASIC features a silicon-based, zero-detection mechanism for converting traditional "fat" volumes to "thin" volumes without impacting storage performance, also known as "Thin Built In." The Gen3 ASIC leverages a unique, software-based virtualization mapping engine for space reclamation, giving HP 3PAR Storage Systems the power to remove allocated but unused space in existing volumes. HP 3PAR Utility Storage is the only storage platform with this fat-to-thin processing capability built in to system hardware.

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