Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication - Powerful Protection for Network Access and Assets

Mitigate Risk

Weak passwords and unsecure remote network access make every organization a potential target for cyber criminals. Give yourself the same level of protection that larger enterprises employ with ESET Secure Authentication—the easiest and quickest way to implement powerful two-factor authentication (2FA) for organizations of any size.

ESET Secure Authentication delivers a 100% software solution to validate each VPN and Outlook Web Access (OWA) session login with a unique one-time-password (OTP)—adding a critical layer of protection against unauthorized access to sensitive network data. It is easy to set up and manage via a simple Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in and a cross-platform mobile application.

How Does ESET Secure Authentication Work?

Unlike standard password authentication, 2FA OTP requires two elements: a user’s password and an OTP generated on a designated physical device. It is the physical device requirement that sets 2FA OTP methodology apart. With each login, a new OTP is required meaning access to the device is required. Should the user’s password be compromised, a criminal could not gain access to your network, as they do not have the complementary device.


The mobile application requires no IT help to install on the client-side and very little training to use. The server-side integration and management are equally simple, making ESET Secure Authentication much less expensive to own when compared to other 2FA solutions. Total cost of ownership (TCO) favors the ESET solution.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of data breaches with a unique OTP for each session
  • Validates user identity as a fraud prevention measure for those attempting to access privileged or confidential information
  • Satisfies regulatory compliance where strong authentication is recommended or required
  • Offers low cost of ownership because no hardware tokens, server, or appliances are required

IT Staff Benefits

  • Direct integration with Microsoft management tools
  • Easy installation with self-provisioning for end-users frees up IT resources
  • Connectionless operation as the deployed mobile application works without Internet connection
  • Multi-platform support for leading mobile operating systems
  • Saves costs without additional hardware or external database requirements
  • Convenient support from U.S.-based technical support team

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