Dell Technologies Networking

Help Take a Load Off Your Network

Virtualize network services with Dell Virtual Network Architecture
You rely on your network. In today's highly dynamic operating environment, you may be making demands of your network for which it was never designed. Throwing more boxes at it has never solved the problem.
It's time for a different approach.
Dell Technologies Networking

Greatly simplify your network and build on what you have

Our end-to-end solutions are optimized for the virtualization and cloud computing era. With our automated and flexible strategies, you can stop adding boxes and start leveraging the investments you've already made.
Hardware and software portfolios
  • Campus Switching: PowerConnect™ switches
  • Data Center Switching: Dell Force10™ switches
  • Wireless: PowerConnect W-Series
  • Blade (input/output) I/O: PowerConnect M-Series
  • Dell OpenManage™ Network Manager
  • Automation of common tedious tasks in PowerConnect switches
  • Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Software
Access to the experts through Dell advanced services Our advanced network services help you scope, conceptualize, design, implement and manage new or existing network technologies, and minimize associated disruptions and resource drain.
Best-in-class partners and technology
  • Brocade® industry-leading switching solutions: Fiber Channel Over Ethernet (FCoE), Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) and Ethernet modular and application switching
  • Aruba® Networks global leader in distributed enterprise networks — wireless networking solutions (PowerConnect W-Series)
Dell HCI VSphere