Dell EMC - Mobilize Your Business

Laptops from Dell and Connection

Dell's solutions portfolio covers all aspects of mobility, removing the complexity, risk, and cost associated with mobile technology adoption. Connection’s full suite of mobility services further enhances your Dell experience by helping you develop an entire mobile strategy to keep users secure and productive from anywhere.


Effective endpoint security solutions protect your data wherever it goes, without disrupting IT or end-user processes. Dell security technology embraces the way employees work and keeps them protected with Dell’s own encryption. Advanced threat prevention and authentication options include:

  • FIPS validation to ensure that a given technology has passed rigorous testing by an accredited third-party lab and can be used to secure sensitive information
  • Dell ControlVault™, a dedicated secure processor with secure storage that protects your login information


Maximize your hardware investment by increasing efficiency through reducing time spent on manual and error-prone tasks. Dell Client Command Suite’s free automation tools allow simplified ways to deploy, monitor, and update your fleet of systems.


Dell's dedicated team of reliability and quality engineers and experts ensure their products pass MIL-STD-810G testing, as well as rigorous internal testing. They know how you use laptops and design products to fit a mobile work style.