Dell Technologies Healthcare Solutions

Connecting the Right Technologies and Processes to Create Information-Driven Possibilities

More healthcare providers, payers, researchers, and doctors turn to Dell more than any other company in the world. With over one thousand dedicated healthcare specialists and numerous customized healthcare solutions, Dell is leading the way to information-driven healthcare.

Dell™ believes information is the foundation on which healthcare will move forward. They are committed to helping the world create an information-driven healthcare system.

When healthcare is information-driven:
  • Information is interconnected and shared among caregivers across the globe, creating communities of care
  • Data becomes knowledge and moves healthcare beyond episodic care to prevention by recognizing patterns in patient histories
  • Patients are empowered to take control of their own health and share knowledge and experiences within communities of care
Dell Healthcare

Transform Healthcare IT

In this episode of ConnectionPoint, James Hilliard and David Dimond discuss how Dell Technologies can help protect your data and improve clinical outcomes.
Dell Healthcare

Better Healthcare Starts with Better Information

Dell EMC accelerates performance by enabling healthcare organizations to more easily customize a broad portfolio of certified workstations to accurately match usage tasks and profile of healthcare applications. 

Dell Precision™ workstations were designed with doctors, clinical researchers, and specialists to bring the reality of connecting patient records and images together in one central database and seamless radiology workflow management that much closer.
Dell Precision workstations

Modernize Your Infrastructure and Save

Dell Wyse offers a wide selection of secure, reliable, and efficient thin clients that easily integrate into any virtualized or Web-based infrastructure.

Refresh Your Servers. Regain Your Edge
Upgrade aging servers to Dell Technologies PowerEdge 14th generation servers and see dramatic performance improvements. The PowerEdge portfolio serves as the modern compute foundation across the Dell Technologies HCI portfolio. Through testing and validation, Dell Technologies' fully engineered, turnkey HCI solutions will benefit from the advanced scale and performance of the new server portfolio to accelerate your journey to a modern data center.

Minimize Financial Risk
Cloud Flex for HCI by Dell Financial Services (DFS) brings a cloud-like consumption model to the Dell Technologies HCI portfolio by offering a flexible financing solution that eliminates upfront capital costs with declining payments over time.
Healthcare Doctor

Connect Easier with Patients

Technology managers in the healthcare sector are looking for ways to provide flexibility and security while still adhering to HIPAA regulations. Discover how VDI and Dell Wyse thin clients powered by AMD make it easier for providers to securely connect with patients.
Delll WDM Health

Increase Productivity and Enhance Security with VDI

Healthcare is changing quickly. These days, clinicians and staff are pressed to increase productivity and do more with less, all while maintaining compliance. Find out how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may help them achieve their goals.
Increase Productivity and Enhance Security with VDI