Endpoint Security and Compliance are Critical for Every Healthcare Organization

Health organizations must secure endpoint devices and the data on them, while still satisfying end-user requirements to embrace computing trends like bring your own device (BYOD), sharing data in public cloud services, and workforce mobility.

Address your critical needs in one integrated package with endpoint protection for data, systems and reputations, all managed via a single console. Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise suite includes advanced threat prevention, encryption, and authentication, all centrally-managed via a single console to help organizations reduce IT management costs and complexity. With consolidated compliance reporting and console threat alerts, organizations can easily enforce and prove compliance for all of their endpoints. Built in security with features like simplified policy configuration with smart defaults and pre-defined report templates is especially helpful as organizations struggle to protect end users and data.

Advanced Threat Prevention

The constantly evolving threat landscape requires a level of security that far exceeds the effectiveness of current solutions deployed throughout healthcare organizations. Traditional, behavior- or signature-based anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are reactive by design, since they depend on previously seen behavior or patterns to identify an attack. Because of this reactive design they are increasingly ineffective against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats, and targeted attacks like spear phishing and ransomware. Dell Data Protection| Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise seamlessly contains, detects, and prevents the spread of malware by handling at-risk files in a virtualized, contained environment.


Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise provides a data-centric, policy-based approach to encryption that protects your data without disrupting IT processes or end user productivity. Designed for easy deployment, end-user transparency, and hassle-free compliance, Dell delivers a high level of protection, fills critical security gaps and allows you to manage encryption policies for multiple endpoints and operating systems—all from a single management console.

Advanced Authentication

Dell Data Protection | Security Tools supports advanced hardware authentication, such as Dell’s fully-integrated fingerprint, smart card, or contactless smart card reader options. Security Tools helps manage these multiple hardware authentication methods, supports pre-OS login with self-encrypting drives, single sign-on (SSO), and manages user credentials and passwords. The ability to reset a Windows password via an authorized smartphone is just one example of how Security Tools helps enable end users while minimizing help desk calls.

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