Full-Satisfaction 60-day Returns for SC8000 and SC4020 Arrays

Today’s IT planners are tasked with making mission-critical, long-term investments in a business and technology landscape that's evolving faster and more unpredictably than ever before. It’s hard to know which solutions will really meet your current needs, let alone continue to add value throughout years of change and disruption.

Future-ready Storage Guaranteed

At Dell Storage, we understand the responsibility you carry and want to lighten your load by eliminating some of the stressful guesswork. Change is opportunity, and we promise to make it a good thing—helping you arrive at sound decisions that achieve your immediate business goals while positioning you perfectly for future success. Scalable, adaptable, always cost-effective: we have complete confidence our solutions are powerful and flexible enough to prepare your environment for any challenge.

That's why we're offering full-satisfaction 60-day returns on our advanced SC Series storage solution with award-winning Copilot installation and support services.

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If we do not meet our guarantees or you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 60 days, let us know—we’ll work hard to create the solution you need.* If you are still not satisfied, simply return the system within 60 days of purchase, at our expense, for a refund of any hardware, software, or support charges incurred (shipping and installation fees are non-refundable).

Program Details

You can return your product for any reason during the guaranteed 60-day return period, but we want you to know what to expect from your new SC8000 or SC4020 system.

  • Customized Performance to Meet Your Needs—Our innovative Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) runs remotely to gather core storage requirements for your unique server workloads, including disk I/O, throughput, capacity, and memory. Based on this data, you’ll set specific performance goals before our installation team even begins—and if we don't meet or exceed those thresholds within the next 60 days, you can return your system!
  • Storage Efficiency Improvement—Both the SC8000 and SC4020 systems feature advanced storage optimization technologies including thin provisioning, compression, and RAID tiering. When taking full advantage of these features, Dell customers can see up to a 4x reduction in storage requirements vs. uncompressed, thickly provisioned capacity.
  • 100% Support Services Satisfaction—Every SC Series customer receives award-winning Copilot support, including our PhoneHome capability with proactive issue notification for hardware failure, controller reset, or capacity alerts. We’ll let you know about problems early, and in many cases, fix them before you even know they occurred. PhoneHome service must be activated for eligibility.
  • Flash Advantage for Less—SC Series flash-optimized hybrid configurations let you achieve the performance benefits of flash for up to 50% lower cost than capacity-equivalent, all-SSD configurations. Cold data dynamically moves to low-cost HDDs which provide up to a 5X $/GB savings, while hot data remains on your fastest SSDs. This benefit typically increases as your array scales.

In addition to our 60-day guarantee, every SC4020 and SC8000 customer receives:

  • Flash Reliability—Full lifetime replacement on SSD wear-out with valid support agreement
  • Persistent Software Design—Only buy software licenses once for a future-proof investment
  • Centralized Monitoring and Management—Single interface, multi-system management with robust reporting

Dell Storage SCv2000 Series

Dell Storage SCv2000 Series is a feature-rich, entry-level storage center solution that offers:
High performance—Superior IOPs performance for entry-level storage
Data protection—Exceptional number of snapshots and replication
Future flexibility—Migrate data within SCv2000 series

Multiple Expansion Options

Utilize Dell SC100 (12 x 3.5" drive bays) or SC120 (24 x 3.5" drive bays) enclosures for efficient, reliable, flexible expansion.

  • Expand capacity behind SCv2000 or SCv2020
  • Mix and match HDDs/SSDs and enclosures
  • Up to 672TB total system raw capacity
  • Up to 168 drives per system
  • Low power use, single management console

Dell SC180 enclosures (84 x 3.5" drive bays) are the ideal cost/capacity solution.

  • Expand capacity behind SCv2080
  • Mix and match HDDs/SSDs
  • Up to 672TB total system raw capacity
  • Ideal for cold storage or large-scale file applications (back up to disk, CCTV, etc.)


Opportunity knocks. Embrace the future (not the stress) with a modern SC series storage solution, and find out just how good
change can be.


*Remedies other than full refund are at the sole discretion of Dell Storage.