The Future Is Now!

The new PowerEdge FX architecture is a revolutionary approach that takes the risk out of choosing an architecture because it is flexible enough to change rapidly with your organization and the demands of emerging technologies. It enables you to simplify today and futureproof your investment for tomorrow.

The FX platform empowers you to build the converged infrastructure you need for your workloads, one workload at a time. The Dell FX2 chassis allows you to build up a converged configuration of compute, storage, and networking on a project-by-project basis that can be easily deployed into your data center—with no more disruption than adding a traditional 2U server. However, because this is a Dell PowerEdge platform, you will also realize all the power, cooling, and management benefits of a traditional converged platform. This is convergence on your terms—convergence that meets your needs, one project at a time.


Understanding FX Architecture

Watch our video for an introduction to the benefits of FX architecture.

The Building Blocks of a Modern Data Center

The FX architecture is based on a modular, building-block concept that makes it easy for organizations to focus processing resources where needed. This concept is realized through the PowerEdge FX2 chassis, the foundation of the FX architecture. The PowerEdge FX2 is a 2U rack-based, converged computing platform that combines the density and efficiencies of blades with the simplicity and cost advantages of rack-based systems. The PowerEdge FX2 houses flexible blocks of server, storage, and I/O resources while providing outstanding efficiencies through shared power, networking, I/O, and management within the chassis itself.

Storage Block

The PowerEdge FD332 storage block provides dense, highly scalable, direct attached storage for most FX infrastructures (it does not support the FM120 microserver). It is a critical component of the FX architecture, enabling future-ready scale out infrastructures that bring storage closer to compute for accelerated processing.

Server Blocks

  • The PowerEdge FM120x4 microserver addresses the requirements of scale-out computing by optimizing power consumption and footprint. It is ideal for Web services providers or for processing tasks such as batch data analytics.
  • The PowerEdge FC430 is an excellent mid-tier processing option for data centers. It is well suited for Web serving, virtualization, dedicated hosting, and other midrange computing tasks.
  • The PowerEdge FC630 server, with its high-performance processors and large memory capacity, can serve as a strong foundation for data centers and private clouds.
  • The PowerEdge FC830 server, with its four high-performance processors and exceptionally large memory capacity, offers a highly reliable solution for the most demanding workloads of midsize and large organizations.

I/O Blocks

The FX2 chassis can be ordered with 1Gb or 10Gb pass through I/O modules, or optional I/O aggregator modules. The FN410s, FN410t, and FN2210s are powerful I/O aggregators providing plug-and-play network switch Layer 2 functions. These I/O aggregators simplify cable management while also enabling other networking features, like optimized “east/west” server-to-server traffic within the chassis, LAN/SAN convergence, and simplified network deployment.

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