Transform Healthcare Delivery with Cisco WebEx

The healthcare industry is poised for opportunity as technology and research innovations revolutionize treatment and care. However, care is also becoming more complex, requiring a more specialized workforce to deliver many services, often over a more geographically dispersed area.

Healthcare managers need better ways to communicate and collaborate without increasing costs or reducing the effectiveness of human interaction. Cisco WebEx technology can help you meet today’s challenges and address future needs.

Industry Challenges

Today healthcare organizations must facilitate communication and collaboration for a workforce separated by geography, time zones, and facilities. Although advances in research, treatment, and processes strengthen the healthcare system, accessing them may require interaction between multiple sites or clinicians. This changing environment creates new challenges:

  • Increased travel
  • Slow treatment delivery
  • Declining quality of care
  • Managing medical education
  • Lost productivity


Cisco WebEx in Healthcare

You can address these challenges using leading-edge Cisco collaboration, communication, and information access services. WebEx technology offers a platform for you to address clinical and operational challenges in two major ways:

  • Improve care and productivity by eliminating distance as a barrier to delivering care
  • Reduce costs associated with medical education and application training


The Cisco WebEx platform facilitates better communications, learning, and collaboration through a highly secure, integrated environment. It’s a virtual team workspace, training center, and meeting center with single sign-on to support all collaboration tools and solutions.

Why Choose Cisco?

Cisco is an industry leader in networking solutions and is actively involved in international healthcare initiatives focused on accelerating the interoperability and connectivity of disparate systems to improve access to vital healthcare information and services.

To achieve this, Cisco works closely with healthcare industry leaders including application developers, system and service providers, device manufacturers, and medical technology vendors.

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