Manage More Data, More Efficiently

A good portion of any IT budget is spent "keeping the lights on" and maintaining current data center integrity. Depending on your infrastructure size and available funds, that practice can severely limit your ability to invest in new technology and innovation.

Cisco, EMC, and Microsoft have joined forces to deliver a high-performing converged infrastructure solution with unsurpassed simplicity and efficiency that has been optimized for virtual applications. You'll achieve new levels of performance, protection, compliance, and ease of management. This lets you close the gap between maintenance and innovation budgets and deliver clinically relevant, operationally efficient, and fiscally sound solutions for your organization.

Watch this series of informative videos to learn more about the Cisco, Microsoft, EMC VSPEX solution, and download this beneficial white paper.

Part One: Transform Your Data Center

The data center continues to evolve at an alarming rate. As new technologies roll in, finding a path to IT success can become a confusing one. Find out what the experts at Connection have to say about Cisco, Microsoft, and EMC VSPEX and how—together—they provide the platform for success your organization needs.

Part Two: The High Road to Cloud Computing

Dissimilar IT environments, legacy, outdated operating systems—all this and more affects how an organization can quickly and thoroughly innovate. Find out how this Cisco, EMC, Microsoft solution is helping organizations get past the roadblocks they find on the road to cloud computing.

Part Three: The Future of IT

As the scope of the modern data center grows, businesses will find that they can no longer rely on a one-solution-fits-all paradigm. They need choices that look beyond the obvious and deliver a tight, unified answer to their unique needs. Cisco, Microsoft, and EMC VSPEX have joined forces to leverage their technology in a way that lets you make best-case business decisions.

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