Uncover Your Network’s Vulnerabilities Before They Do

Digitize Your Security

Meet Dana

When Dave took his store digital, his co-worker Dana, manager of network security, knew it was time to update their defenses. But, when you consider how tricky hackers have become, where do you start? Check out how a Security Assessment from Connection helped Dana uncover:

  • Network blind spots and security gaps
  • 65% of access attempts came from outside the network perimeter
  • Over 1/3 of users have visited sites known to host malware
  • Several branch locations had vulnerabilities in unpatched routers
  • Better control over security policies is needed

In order to address the issues the Security Assessment uncovered, Dana used Cisco Stealthwatch and the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). In part two of our videos series, you’ll see how Cisco ISE and Stealthwatch can transform your network into a security sensor and enforcer that can detect and stop sophisticated threats.

How did Dana address the ever-growing problem of ransomware? Since ransomware can attack in multiple ways, Dana deployed Cisco Ransomware Defense for protection. With the help of Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Email Security, AMP for endpoints, and Next-Generation Firewalls, Dana can get back to running the business and keep ransomware at bay.

Are You Prepared for Today's Security Threats?

Connection's team of experts has designed industry-leading assessments, analysis, and technology planning and integration services to help protect your organization. Our unified and centralized solutions approach features risk management guidance and oversight, including managed security services, to help you combat attacks and prepare for the unknown.

Find out how Connection's Security Audit can discover exploitable gaps that let hackers in.

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