Wherever your business falls on the IT spectrum, its success relies in large part on technology. Older, outdated servers could be holding you back. Cisco UCS featuring Intel® Xeon® processors allows your organization to more effectively support IT initiatives by enabling scalable, secure growth while cutting costs by up to 70%.

Watch our exclusive video series, presented in partnership with Cisco, to learn how Cisco UCS is designed to help you put your data center to work while working less.

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VDI Past and Present

VDI has come a long way since it became what it is today. With Seamless OS support, Web-based access to your desktop, load balancing, and a host of other advancements, it’s easy to see why VDI has become so widely used. In this video we focus on what makes today's VDI an entirely different experience from even a year ago and why it may be just what your business needs.

The Revolution: Cisco UCS for VDI

Cut costs, reduce complexity, improve speed and agility—these are just a few of the things Cisco UCS for VDI can do for you. In this video you will learn how Cisco UCS for VDI can help you overcome the obstacles all modern data centers face.

Obtaining VDI Success

VDI has been a game changer for organizations all over the world. But the inherited flaw with VDI is what happens if a physical server fails? For this reason, most companies limit their sessions to as little as 20 per server. In this video we discuss how VDI and Cisco UCS work together to remove these limitations and help organizations do a lot more with a lot less.

VDI Fundamentals

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows IT administrators to personalize their users’ applications and deliver them with flexibility. With VDI, users can access applications and desktops from any number of devices and locations. VDI has a number of benefits like flexibility, portability, and manageability.

VDI Proof of Concept Defined

The first step of any virtualization journey is to learn how your applications will perform in a virtualized environment. Understanding what is happening in your infrastructure via Proof of Concept (POC) is critical to being able to make a data-driven decision on whether VDI is a good fit for your infrastructure. The best way to evaluate that is with our Proof of Concept (POC) Appliance.