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Cisco and Apple in Healthcare

The Best Medicine Starts Here

In today's connected world, patients want and expect a healthcare experience that is easy to access and navigate, as well as personalized to meet their needs. Cisco and Apple are combining industry-leading enterprise services and intuitive end-user experiences to greatly improve how doctors, nurses, and patients work together.

Information Security

With its dependence upon electronic medical records (EMR), protected health information (PHI), and networked medical devices, healthcare has become a prime target for ransomware attacks. Protect your mobile devices with Cisco Security Connector for iOS devices. Cisco Security Connector offers visibility into network traffic on iOS devices and the ability to block connections to malicious sites.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices play an increasingly large role in healthcare, enabling everything from self-service kiosk registration to devices used to access patient health records and information. With access to information at their fingertips, clinicians can view patient records, write prescriptions, send referrals, and so much more. Meraki Systems Manager, Cisco’s EMM solution, makes deploying, securing, and managing these devices, their applications, and data, simple and easy, so you can get back to the business of caring for patients.
Cisco and Apple in Healthcare

Cisco Spark and the Patient Experience

Cisco is a leading force in the digital transformation of healthcare with innovative on-site and mobile technologies to help you enable a personalized patient experience—anywhere and anytime. By connecting health services through Cisco Spark, your organization can:
  • Allow people in remote areas access to care that would otherwise require hours of travel
  • Leverage specialists across facilities to provide specialized expertise to more patients
  • Help caregivers collaborate across geographies to address complex cases

Cisco Spark and the Patient Experience

Connection Expertise

We Know Cisco:

  • Cisco Gold Partner
  • 400+ Cisco certifications, 50+ Cisco experts on staff
  • Received the 2013 Cisco Partner of the Year Award

We Know Apple:

  • Partnered with Apple for over three decades
  • Mac Assessment offerings
  • iOS integration assessment

The Cisco and Apple Collaboration

Help Clinicians Focus on What Really Matters—Patients

In today’s healthcare environment, clinicians and hospital staff are constantly on the move and sharing vital patient information on mobile devices. But is that information secure and unavailable to hackers?
Listen to our recent ConnectionPoint podcast where we discuss:
  • Delivering an enhanced user experience across all hospital applications
  • Addressing visibility, control, and privacy
  • Advantages of implementing a Cisco and Apple solution