Cisco BYOD

Bring IT On

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become one of the most influential trends in the IT industry. The term has come to define a megatrend that requires sweeping changes to the way devices are used in the workplace. For instance, a comprehensive BYOD solution must support many device types and brands. And it must be capable of enforcing various policies across the spectrum of businesses and industries. 

All Or Nothing

It is also critical to any BYOD strategy to consider comprehensive access to the corporate network, which means not only the corporate WLAN, but also wired access in major campuses, wired and wireless access in branch and home offices, as well as remote access over the Internet, mobile 3G/4G, and public Wi-Fi hotspots. Without this broad range of network access, your organization may fall short of providing a manageable and scalable solution.

Get Smart

Cisco® BYOD Smart Solution is designed to enable BYOD environments by combining best-in-class technology, a validated design, modular building blocks, third-party integration, professional services, and end-to-end support. Cisco BYOD Smart Solution offers a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a BYOD network. It also enhances user experience and productivity, and provides the necessary infrastructure for:

• Access points
• Controllers
• Security
• Network management
• Mobile collaboration applications
• Highly Secure Access

Cisco BYOD Smart Solution also delivers an uncompromising user experience and enables organizations to secure data with the unified policy and controls needed to support a BYOD work environment. It offers a single policy that secures access to data, applications, and systems across the entire organization, including guest posture, device profiling, network access, and mobile device management. It also provides data security that ensures intellectual property is protected.

Cisco BYOD: A Solution that Stands Out from the Rest

Cisco BYOD Smart Solution helps maximize the business value of your wireless investment by providing a high-quality user experience, information security, and ease of support. It stands apart from other approaches to BYOD with:

• Best-in-class technology in each layer
• Comprehensive view of the workspace
• Design and third-party integration validation
• Comprehensive services
• Consistent experience with any connection method
• Simplification of IT through consolidation to one network, policy, and management interface

Solutions Begin with Us

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