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Apple and Cisco

Accelerate Mobile Transformation

Meet now and move forward. With Cisco Spark on iPad, you can securely send messages, share files, and meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Create spaces with your team for projects, deliverables, topics, or pretty much anything:
  • Call your team with HD video and share work easily
  • Send messages, share files, and get work done on the go
  • Find what you need quickly with a fully searchable chat and file history
  • Whiteboard with the whole team from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Cisco Spark Board
  • Simplify your work tools and manage everything from one place with integrations and bots from Box, Trello, and many more.

Accelerate Mobile Transformation

Creating an Unparalleled User Experience

Watch our video to learn how our partnership with Apple and Cisco helps you create truly mobile and secure connectivity.

Employees Need More

The modern workforce expects a work-from-anywhere environment, but mobile solutions and cloud-based business applications can overwhelm an older infrastructure. Upgrading to Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) and 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions will give you a powerful foundation so you can get the highest level of performance out of your applications and keep your people productive—wherever work happens.
WAN Optimization
Improve App Responsiveness with:
  • Content Caching to keep frequently used content ready
  • Data Compression to reduce file size and network travel time
  • Content Pre-Positioning to keep bandwidth steady and info readily accessible
Wi-Fi Optimization
To support the increasing number of devices and requirements, your bandwidth must be at its peak. 802.11ac Wave 2 delivers data rates of up to 2.34Gbps—up to 80% faster than 802.11n†
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Security is key to any organization's well being. From remote wipe to simplified rollout and asset management, MDM keeps your information safe, your devices secure, and your organization more compliant.
The Solutions You Want. The Help You Need.
Connection, Cisco, and Apple partnered together to help you:
  • Deliver optimized mobility along with vital mobile device management
  • Experience streamlined mobility and collaboration like never before
  • Address today’s dynamic network challenges
  • Overcome the challenges of a rapidly evolving mobile world
†Comparing 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2: 802.11ac Wave 1 PHY rate 1.30Gbps (today), 802.11ac Wave 2 PHY rate 2.34—3.47Gbps (WFA Certification process continues).


We Know Cisco:

  • Cisco Gold Partner on the path to $200M
  • 400+ Cisco certifications, 50+ Cisco experts on staff
  • Received the 2013 Cisco Partner of the Year Award

We Know Apple:

  • Partnered with Apple for over three decades
  • Mac Assessment offerings
  • Mac Client Integration services

Complimentary iPad Consultation

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From evaluation to deployment, our complimentary iPad Consultation assists you in understanding integration and recommended deployment scenarios. Our Apple Certified Engineers will only take an hour of your time, in a one-on-one conversation, to help you get your iPad integration on the road to success.

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