Carbon Black

Why Carbon Black?

Growing trends in mobility and cloud have made the endpoint the new perimeter. New and emerging attacks are beating traditional defenses, and security teams are too reactive and held back by their technologies. Carbon Black is leveraging the power of big data and analytics to solve the challenges surrounding endpoint security.
Why Carbon Black?

Cb Predictive Security Cloud

Cb Predictive Security Cloud™ (PSC) is transforming endpoint security with big data analytics. PSC is a converged endpoint protection platform delivering next-generation security services through the cloud. Simplify everything: one cloud, one sensor, one set of data that delivers comprehensive endpoint protection.

Cb Defense

Get next-generation anti-virus (NGAV) + EDR (Response) in one cloud-delivered platform that stops commodity malware, advanced malware, non-malware attacks, and ransomware. Built on the Cb Predictive Security Cloud™ (PSC) platform, Cb Defense supports a variety of powerful endpoint security services through a single agent and unified console. Cb Defense is certified to replace AV and delivers the best endpoint security with the least amount of administrative effort. It protects against the full spectrum of modern cyber attacks, including the ability to detect and prevent both known and unknown attacks.
Carbon Black Defense

Cb Response

Detect attacks in progress and respond quickly. Cb Response is a highly scalable, real-time Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) with unfiltered visibility for top security operations centers and incident response teams. Cb Response continuously records and captures unfiltered endpoint data, so that security professionals can hunt threats in real time and visualize the complete attack kill chain. It leverages the Predictive Security Cloud’s aggregated threat intelligence—continuously comparing intel to current and historical endpoint activity and exposing undetected threats.
Carbon Black Response

Cb Protection

Lock down servers and critical systems, prevent unwanted changes, and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory mandates. Leveraging cloud reputation services, IT-based trust policies, and multiple sources of threat intelligence from the Cb Predictive Security Cloud™, Cb Protection ensures that only trusted and approved software is allowed on an organization’s critical systems and endpoints.

Cb ThreatSight

Manage threat hunting and prevent breaches with expert threat hunters at your side. The Cb managed threat hunting services watch over your environment, notify you about emerging threats, and target the highest priority threats in your environment. Have confidence and peace of mind.
Carbon Black Threat Sight

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