The new USB-C connector is being widely adopted by manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Along with the new connector and port combination, there is a new standard called USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+. The USB-C cables comply with the European regulations calling for a universal connector for charging mobile phones. This means that soon, almost everything, everywhere, will be powered, charged, and connected by USB-C cables.

The new USB-C (AKA USB Type-C) connector is a new size and shape and is easier to use than previous USB cables. The reversible design lets you plug in your device in any direction, so you never have to worry about plugging in your cable incorrectly. This will allow manufacturers to design devices that are thinner and lighter than ever before.

As the new USB-C port is adopted by laptop, tablet, hub, and computer manufacturers, the need for new USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ cables will grow. Belkin will offer an entire USB-C product range to accommodate all of your needs.

Technical Specifications

The new USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ standard transfers data up to 10 Gbps, which means transfers up to 20x faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and 12x faster than FireWire. That’s fast enough to transfer a year’s worth of music in 10 minutes or an entire HD movie in 30 seconds.

USB 3.1 technology also allows you to power some devices up to 100 watts, or quickly charge your laptop, tablet, or phone. Our USB-C 3.1 cables contain an internal power management chip to ensure proper power delivery and a safe charge.



Why Belkin USB-C Cables?

The Belkin Difference

Over the past 30 years, Belkin has become the #1 global leader in cables and connectivity. They've earned this reputation through rigorous design and engineering, maintaining the highest quality standards in their manufacturing processes, and always working to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction. Every product they make is thoughtfully designed to be easy to use, comfortable to hold, and pleasing to the eye. All Belkin USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ cables are designed with meticulous attention to design detail and the highest standards in quality and product testing.

As a member of USB-IF, Belkin knows what it takes to be a leader at the cutting edge of technology, and their USB-C cables (also known as USB Type-C cables) are no exception. By performing rigorous compliance testing throughout the design and manufacturing process, Belkin stays at the forefront of quality control and manufacturing for all USB cables. Some brands allow their logos to be placed on cables they don't manufacture themselves. However, at Belkin, their teams are involved at every step from concept inception through to design development and manufacturing.

Not All USB-C Cables Are the Same

Belkin has complete control of the manufacturing process for all of their cables, from original design, through production. Their cables undergo stringent third-party testing to meet the highest quality standards, in order to produce the safest and most reliable cables in the market.

With genuine Belkin USB-C cables or accessories, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Damage to your device
  • Easily damaging the cable
  • The connector end breaking off or weakening
  • An improper fit with your device, which could damage the port
  • Improper syncing/charging of your USB device


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