Aaron Russo - Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
Aaron Russo
Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
Jeff Stork - Software Delivery Practice Manager
Jeff Stork
Senior Service Manager
Lane Shelton - Vice President of Software Business Development
Lane Shelton
Vice President of Software Business Development
Tony Dancona - Vice President of VMware EUC
Tony Dancona
VP VMware EUC, Solutions and Services
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Lane Shelton - Vice President of Software Business Development

Let’s Cut Through the Noise

Turn up what really matters about Office 365


Why is everyone talking about Office 365 these days? We couldn’t count up all the reviews, opinions, comparisons, and ratings, even if we tried. But that doesn’t mean we’re not listening. As we speak to customers around the world, the attention on O365 spans from simple curiosity to a burning desire to move commoditized email workloads to the cloud—and yes, everything in between.

Microsoft Office 365Whatever your reasons, you’re in the right place to really discern between hype and reality. It’s not always an easy task, so we’re glad to take it off your to do list. Office 365 can be an excellent platform to open up new technology frontiers, reduce costs, and even ease IT workloads—but it’s not a decision to enter into lightly. It’s a marked shift from what has gone before, and probably a bit outside your comfort zone in terms of how we deploy and consume the productivity stack.

I’ve been immersed with Microsoft for nearly 20 years and it’s my pleasure to clear up the common misconceptions so that your project doesn’t miss the mark. In this podcast, I’ll review what you need to know. Whether you’re just beginning, or have started down the road, listen in as I cover the two most important topics related to O365: Strategy and Readiness. This is one decision where you want to measure twice and cut once. Office 365 holds great promise, but your approach can make or break results. This podcast is the perfect forum to highlight my time in the trenches and share the invaluable lessons learned from our customers.

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