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Aaron Russo
Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
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Justin Zuill - Cisco Data Center Product Manager

Is Your Data Center Feeling the Strain?

Cisco Has a Solution


Is your IT infrastructure bursting at the seams? Maybe your data center equipment is getting outdated? And you, like many companies, are overwhelmed by the way your critical data seems to just keep growing? Now just might be the time to upgrade to brand new equipment throughout your data center. Modernizing your infrastructure can bring the relief your IT operations need, while enhancing manageability, security, and access. And believe it or not, lower your overall costs.

Cisco Data Center SolutionsRon Sasser, IT manager for Crider Foods, recently went through a major upgrade of his data center. At Crider, he had an IT team of 2 people for 900 employees, and his older server equipment was struggling to keep up with workload and backup demands. He knew it was time for a major overhaul, and he found that by purchasing Cisco UCS with Intel® Xeon® processors to create a state-of-the-art virtual environment, he could cut his costs by 70%. Not only that, but his new equipment also set him up for continued growth and expansion, so Crider Foods’ infrastructure will be able to keep up with the company’s future changes.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a data center upgrade can do for your organization, check out this podcast where Ron Sasser gets into all the details of his data center upgrade at Crider Foods.



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