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Introducing the Surface Pro 3

Replace Your Laptop


Can a tablet really replace your laptop? Microsoft thinks so. And so do we, now that we’ve met the Surface Pro 3. How can the latest Surface provide the convenience of a tablet and the processing power and full computing experience of a laptop? Read on to find out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3When it comes to mobile devices, there are several different form factors available. There’s the traditional notebook, the modern tablet, and then there are the devices that try to bridge the gap, offering combinations of touchscreens and physical keyboards. Now with some of these devices, you get trade-offs. To get something that’s thin and light for mobile computing, you often have to give up powerful processing or accessories like a physical keyboard. Sometimes, you can’t get that truly full computing experience.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has everything you need. It can be a tablet that’s perfect for working on the go, and then when you get to your desk, it can transform into a powerful laptop, thanks to the type cover and kickstand. Instead of taking a tablet with you on the go, but coming back to a laptop or desktop to complete complex tasks, you can now have one device that does it all.

If it sounds too good to be true, well, we’ve produced a webinar where we really dive deep into the Surface Pro 3. Check it out to learn the ins and outs of the device and how its latest features really make it the tablet that can replace your laptop.

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