Aaron Russo - Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
Aaron Russo
Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
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Jeff Stork
Senior Service Manager
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Lane Shelton
Vice President of Software Business Development
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Aaron Russo - Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center

Have You Looked at Flash Lately?

Learn More about the Latest Developments in Flash Storage Technology


If there’s one thing that can give your organization a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world, it’s access to the right information at the right time. But storing, protecting, and ensuring convenient access to that data is easier said than done—especially with the sheer volume of information that passes through your data center. Fortunately, storage technologies are constantly evolving, and flash storage continues to deliver new performance benefits while closing the affordability gap with traditional hard drives.

313714_HaveYouLookedAtFlashLately_Russo_MediumThere are many myths out there about flash—I know because my team comes across them all the time. If you have a hard time separating storage fact from fiction, you’re not alone. That’s why we published a white paper that explores key issues for anyone considering flash. There are quite a few reasons why you’ll want to check the white paper out for yourself, but the biggest one I’ll mention is this: If you think you know flash based on research you did two or three years ago, so much has changed. You need to read this paper.

Inside our white paper, Harness the Power of Flash Storage, you’ll learn about the different types of innovative flash technologies available today, as well as specific applications of those technologies to help you tame data growth, improve efficiency, and drive productivity.

Is flash right for you? What types of applications make sense for your environment? What do you do if you want flash, but also need inline deduplication, compression, and data at rest encryption? We’ve compiled questions from hundreds of customer engagements to give you the answers you’re looking for. From all-flash to hybrid flash arrays, we dig into options to give you’re the best performance benefits for your dollar.

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