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Did Adobe Just Reinvent Creative Cloud?

Get the Full Scoop on Adobe’s June CC Update


Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC)—the powerhouse collection of subscription-based, local-installed applications—received a monumental update on June 18, 2014. The 2014 CC release was a milestone in Adobe’s history, with updates to 14 apps, new mobile centric apps, Adobe-branded hardware for the creative at heart, and a new way to access creative profiles (Adobe ID).

140625_AdobeCC_MEDThe CC apps do receive regular updates and enhancements, but with the 2014 refresh, many apps received additional performance boosts, GPU acceleration, and optimizations to support 64-bit operating systems. Photoshop received the “Adobe magic” in the form of new Blur effects and a Focus Mask, while Illustrator received new tools like Live Shapes and Desktop fonts from Typekit.

As technology progresses and new creative formats are made, several Adobe apps will evolve alongside them. InDesign has support for ePUB—which will allow you to make richly designed, highly interactive eBooks with live text. Adobe has re-invented their approach to the new mobile apps with products like Adobe Sketch, which will allow you to create drawings on the iPad and even upload directly to Behance for feedback on the fly.

A top reason I think Sketch will be a hit is the release of Adobe Ink & Slide, new hardware produced with creatives in mind. Ink is fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen that will use PixelPoint technology to mimic the drag of a pen on paper. Slide will assist you in drawing straight lines, but will also provide additional shapes like triangles, perfect circles, and even French curves.

A main theme from the CC 2014 update was the profile and the ability to sync files, photos, fonts, and swatches without hindering your toolkit. Originally with CC, these items were used accessed via desktop app—but now with the new creative profile, these items will transfer from the new iOS app, iPad apps, and also the Adobe.com website. With such a powerful combination of features, tools, and enhancements, this will make the Creative Cloud new again. I’m already looking forward to the next wave of innovation from Adobe Creative Cloud.

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