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Coffee, Tea, or Mac?

Make the Choice to Offer a Choice


Did you know that Mac® is the computer used most often by one-third of today's college students?* So it makes sense that more and more employees—and recruits—are requesting Mac at work. But how should a business handle the post-PC age? After all, instituting a whole new infrastructure isn’t something any of us want to think about. Of course, you could simply ignore the trend. But that’s not really an option either—especially with BYOD becoming commonplace. So what are you to do? Simply put, take a bite of the big Apple®—and with good reason.

Mac computer - Apple in the workplace10 years ago or more, Mac and PC were barely on speaking terms. Having both in a single office sometimes meant doubling up on your peripherals—an expensive venture. And file sharing? No way. But the times have changed. Mac and PC are now good neighbors. They go to the same cookouts and even borrow one another’s tools. Proprietary accessories are nearly a thing of the past, file sharing can be as simple as clicking a couple of arrows, and networking is practically plug-and-play. And thanks to cross-platform support, with a little bit of software magic, you can even run Microsoft Windows OS and its applications on Mac. All of this—and more—makes choosing Apple a no-fret affair.

At this point, you may be asking yourself “When did all of this happen?” The reality of the situation is quite a while ago. But most recently, Apple’s inclusion of Intel® processors has made compatibility almost a non-issue. 

So to recap, Mac offers nearly all the same hardware, cross-platform OS support, and built-in file sharing and networking protocols. Sounds like a win-win for everyone. But just who is “everyone?”

The ability for you to offer a choice between PC and Mac is just that, a choice. It’s like Pepsi vs. Coke. It’s a choice in comfort and tastes. And, in a BYOD environment, choice is one of the most important things you can offer.

Your employees win because they get a choice. Your IT department wins because almost every infrastructure built or upgraded within the last 7 years has plug-and-play support for Mac. And you win because employees that want Mac and get Mac are happy, productive employees. Mac in the office? It just makes business sense.

Click here to learn more about why your employees want Mac. 

*Student Monitor, Lifestyle & Media, 2013.

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