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Are You Planning Your Next Workstation Refresh?

Why Lenovo’s ThinkStation E32 Might Be the Perfect Fit


Refreshing workstation technology every 3 years is an optimal way to actually lower your total cost of ownership. In addition, it’s more cost-effective, easier on your IT staff, and better for your operations as a whole to roll out all your workstations at once, instead of staggering them. But what’s the right workstation for your refresh? Did you know that Lenovo has recently updated their entire ThinkStation workstation product line? And their new E32 models are a great fit for many SMB organizations, so I’ve put together 4 reasons that Lenovo’s ThinkStation E32 should be your next workstation.

Lenovo ThinkStation E321. Performance boost: The E32 now boasts 4th generation Intel® Core processors, which provide the speed you need to get through your toughest work days.

2. Graphics upgrade: Intel® has upgraded their P4600 integrated graphics card. So you’ll see a big change in graphics performance, right out of the box.

3. Extra hard drive support: With the capacity to run up to 3 hard drives, you’ll never run out of room for files again.

4. ISV Certification: All E32 models are ISV-certified, so you’re guaranteed to be able to run the latest software solutions, such as programs from Autodesk or Solidworks.

If you’re in the market, I recommend checking out this podcast with Kerry Troester, North American Marketing Manager for Lenovo’s workstation product line. She discusses the upgrades to Lenovo ThinkStation lines and how they can benefit your organization. 

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