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Adobe Is Changing the Software Licensing Game

The Top 3 Benefits of VIP Licensing


In June 2013, Adobe reinvented itself by creating a new licensing model, the Value Incentive Program (VIP), which is a brand new way for Adobe to update its industry-leading lineup of software. This change has come as something of a system shock, as it has completely done away with the old model of upgrading software. But as I’ll show you, there are three big advantages to the new VIP model.

130826_AdobeVIP_Medium1. Obtain crucial updates to your most important programs—Even with major software updates rolling out more or less yearly, programs were still falling behind the constantly evolving technology. Now you can download updates as soon as they’re ready to go, without waiting for a new version release.

2. No more cost calculation headaches—Since VIP employs the subscription model of software licensing, cost calculation is a snap. If you have X number of seats deployed in your environment, you’ll pay for X number of seats on your anniversary date. If you need to add seats in the meantime, you will be able to purchase them at a pro-rated amount, as all seats co-term on the same date. Never again will you have users on different versions of the same product, and you’ll always know when things like CLP and EA agreements will expire.

3. Single console management—You’ll be able to keep track of and make changes to all of this—number of seats, licensing agreements, products updates—on a single console that’s always available. If you need to see who has a seat, change who has that seat, add a seat at 3:00 a.m. when no one is in the office, you can. No one will have to wait to use the new software; as soon as changes are made in the management console, your users will have instant access to all appropriate programs.

Whether it’s the management console, the program updates allowing your users to save time, or the simplification of procurement costs, the VIP program has distinct advantages for everyone in your organization. Give Connection a call, and we can help you get started with Adobe’s new licensing program.

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