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Aaron Russo
Senior Manager for Tech Sales Data Center
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Lane Shelton
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Aaron Weston - Product Manager

Acer in Education

Committed to the Demands of Today’s Learning Environment


These days, technology plays a huge role in K–12 education and beyond. Why Acer for education, you ask? One of the great things Acer brings to the table is an incredibly diverse portfolio. Whether it’s for a science lab, media library, or digital signage for the cafeteria—Acer has everything your institution needs. In four new, revealing videos, discussing Switch Alpha 12, Chromebooks, display solutions, and education service offering, we delve into how Acer provides the perfect combination of reliability and performance to help make your school day easier and more interesting. 

Students with Acer TechnologyWith Acer technology, teachers can simplify lessons, and students can easily engage in hands-on learning. If your goal is to take IT with you for education on the go, the Acer Switch Alpha definitely offers the power and performance you need from a notebook with the mobility of a tablet. With Acer, it’s a cinch to venture beyond the classroom walls. And Acer Chromebooks are portable and versatile too. With strong performance and a bright display, Chromebooks are specifically designed to be rugged and ready to handle any modern learning environment.

There’s no doubt in my mind that they make extremely powerful, dependable, and adaptable products for education. But, it’s really the Acer Educare portfolio of services that bind the Acer Education Solutions together. The Acer Educare program delivers exclusive support for the specific needs of budget-constrained schools, with value-added services to support stress-free, 1:1 deployments.  Looking out for tomorrow AND keeping classroom technology running smoothly—it’s clear that Acer is committed to today’s K-12 and higher education.

Watch our video series and learn more about how Acer is dedicated to supporting
K-12 and higher education through innovative products, services, and complete education solutions.

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