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3 Ways to Secure Your Data

Don’t Let Attackers Get the Better of Your Organization


Today, security threats are more of a problem for organizations than ever. Not only are they increasing in sophistication and frequency, but they also have a whole host of new targets: everything from traditional desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets to Web apps. Attackers can use any of these to gain access to your password-protected, mission-critical information. Now is the time for a security enhancement to protect your data, users, and network. Read on for three tips for ensuring the security of your organization’s data and assets.

Secure Your Online Data1. Be aware of who’s on the network—Solutions that let you see who is connecting to your network, what they’re doing, and what information they’re accessing are critical. Network visibility is the first step to preventing intrusions and attacks.

2. Layer your defenses—You need a multi-layered approach to network security in order to deal with:

  • Mobile workers and devices outside the physical boundaries of your organization
  • Loss or theft of smartphones, notebooks, and other mobile devices
  • Out-dated software versions and unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Threats from both inside and outside your organization’s firewall

3. Educate your users—If they’re not aware of the necessity for the security you’ve installed, or if they don’t understand how to follow precautions, even the most robust defenses will be rendered useless.

For more information about protecting your organization’s valuable assets, listen to our Connect with Experts podcast, featuring Stephen Nardone, our Security Practice Director. To learn more about how a security assessment can help you meet the needs today’s changing data security landscape, click here.


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