Samsung SSDs Satify Big Data Demands

Samsung SSDs

Efficiently manage healthcare data with innovative Samsung storage technology. Always on the cutting edge, Samsung pioneered the world’s first mass production of V-NAND flash memory—a groundbreaking technology that delivers more capacity, more speed, more endurance, and more power efficiency. As SSD technology evolves, you can trust that Samsung will always be at the forefront.

Two New SSDs to Meet Your Health Data Needs

Introducing the Samsung PM863a SSD and SM863a SSDs with reliable, cost-efficient performance to meet all your health data needs.

Samsung pm863a

Samsung PM863a SSD: Ideal for Mixed Workloads

The PM863a SSD delivers high random IOPS, lower latency, higher reliability, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) under mixed workloads. Ideal for CDNs, streaming, and Web servers, the PM863a maintains an IOPS consistency level of 97 percent or higher under virtually any write ratio conditions, based on internal tests. Its constant and equal response time makes the PM863a an excellent choice for environments that must comply with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), such as cloud services.

Samsung SM863a

Samsung SM863a SSD: Ideal for Write-intensive Workloads

With its high-level performance, endurance, security, and power efficiency, the SM863a SSD is the ideal choice for OLTP, email servers, and database servers. The SM863a delivers exceptional sequential R/W speeds of up to 520/485 MB/s and 4 KB random R/W IOPS of up to 95K/28K. Its extremely low latency and high level of QoS provide fast processing and analysis of massive amounts of information in demanding data center environments.

Safeguard Critical Health Data

Both the Samsung PM863a and SM863a SSDs feature robust security features to keep your health data safe and secure. The PM863a and SM863a SSDs provide:

  • V-NAND technology: Sustain data center performance 24/7, 365 days a year, with higher endurance than planar NAND.
  • Enhanced data integrity: Prevent data corruption and secure data integrity with end-to-end protection that ensures output data remains consistent with input data along the entire data transfer path—from the host interface to the NAND flash memory, without error.
  • Self-encrypting drive: Ensure data protection with the Samsung AES 256-bit, hardware-based Self-Encrypting Drive (SED).

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