Point of Care Technology Solutions: Improve quality of care and control costs by delivering information to PoC.

Point of Care

Improve quality of care and control costs with fixed and mobile technologies that offer instant and secure access to information.

Healthcare Technology Solutions - The latest IT strategies for healthcare organizations.

Improve Patient Safety, Reduce Medical Errors, Enhance Staff Productivity

Time-consuming tasks, like retaking histories, can be reduced or eliminated by point of care solutions that facilitate secure, reliable access to patients' electronic health records (EHRs).



  • Double Arrow Icon CPOE
    Computerized Provider Order Entry reduces medication errors with a system of structured orders and medication checks.
  • Double Arrow Icon eMAR
    Electronic Medication Administration solutions meticulously track every action involved with safely giving and receiving medication.
  • Double Arrow Icon PPID
    Positive patient identification is the foundation of patient safety. Learn about solutions that support your clinical workflow and IT architecture.
  • Double Arrow Icon Virtual Point of Care
    Improve management, security, scalability, mobility, and reliability of your IT environment at the point of care.
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